My Story

A Foodies (1)No one is born with habits. It comes from the choices made in our lives, whether it’s the choices made by us or by the people in our lives. We learn and adapt habits throughout our lives that influence the people we become. There are many different factors to developing habits that can be beneficial to us or harmful to us. So what do you do when the habits you have learned and accustomed your life to are hurting you? The only thing you can do, change around those habits and turn them into something good.


In my twenty seven years on this planet I have managed to learn many habits, good and bad. My main bad habit and reason for this blog is that I have terrible eating habits and even worse habits when it comes to working out. I lead a sedentary lifestyle full of fattening foods, I have learned these habits from family, friends, my husband, and my own poor choices. These terrible habits are the reason that I am considered morbidly obese at 282 lbs, down from 315 so far, I am borderline diabetic and I have high blood pressure. I’m suffering from health problems due to my weight and I am the only one that can change it.

So here is my chance to change my habits, fix my health, and lead a happier healthier lifestyle. Follow me on my journey to a better me. I’m great with constructive criticism so please voice your opinions and tips. I will update often and post progress photos along with what I’m doing for workouts and recipes to the healthy dishes that I will be eating myself. And I will be brutally honest in terms of whether or not the food is good, if the workouts do any good, and what I come up against in my journey and how I handle the situation.

Join me. Together, we can turn this foodie’s nightmare into a healthier dream come true!


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