Yard Work is Hard Work!

So over the last few weeks I’ve been hard at work on fixing up the house. With the weather getting warmer (finally!) I have been concentrating mostly on the outdoors.

We moved into this house in late October, when it was too late to do anything with the outdoors. The people here before us hadn’t done anything with the outside. In fact the flower garden was nothing but landscaper fabric and wooden posts to hold it down. There was a dead tree stump in the front yard and it hadn’t been edged in over a year. Now I can’t really say anything because the house I was living in before was terrible. My mom lost her sight and my dad was sick so the garden was over run, the grass was too long and there was stuff everywhere.

However, I am determined to make this house a nice beautiful place to call home. It’s especially important because my mom had to leave her old house instead of being able to fix it back up. (Probate issues, not that I would have let her stay, it was falling apart.) I told myself when we moved that I would make this a home for her, as well as myself, and it would be a comfortable place that she could enjoy.

We have managed to put some flowers in the garden, cut and edged the lawn, and fixed up two chairs for the porch so we can enjoy our coffee outdoors in the morning. 🙂 I didn’t think to take before pictures but I have some during and after photos to share. These are just of the front, it’s still a work in progress.


We’ll start with the chairs, they were metal folding chairs that we have had forever! They were a little worse for wear so I cleaned them up and spray painted them, now they make a nice place to sit on the porch.



This was a very unsafe railing that was rusting and not sturdy enough to use for support. I removed it so my mom wouldn’t use that side for balance and end up hurt.


In this bag is the tree stump that used to me in the front yard, it was completely dead so I was able to break it apart and dig it up.









We’re not exactly sure what is growing here so we just left it to see what comes up. If it’s anything good it will be transplanted to the actual garden in the fall.



Front view of our garden. The window boxes have sweetpeas in them. The garden itself consists of hostas, irises, lilies, and tulips.


This is in the middle of edging the lawn. I had already done one side and was in the middle of working on the other but you can see the line of over growth on the edge of the sidewalk.


The front of the house. You can’t even see where the tree stump was anymore.
























The garden from the porch.

Today we started in the back yard, due to some unforeseen issues we weren’t able to get everything from the house until the middle of winter. So everything was kind of just thrown in the garage in no particular order. Mainly to get it out of the elements. But today we drug everything out and put it back in nicely. There is still some minor clean up needed but it’s a major improvement!


This wall wasn’t so bad but it still needed some help.


I didn’t think to take a photo until a lot of it was already outside.


As you can see it was an unorganized mess!



With a LOT of garbage! We don’t even have kids yet, this was left, along with the box for the basement shower and the dry rotted garden hoses, from the previous owner.

It took a few hours and there is still work to be done but here is the after…



My brother put the stuffed bear on the love seat, haha. But, as you can see it’s a vast improvement from having a couch in the middle of the floor!


This green buffet is our next project! We will be stripping, staining and restoring it to its former glory! Then it will go in my kitchen for extra storage/coffee bar.

The best part of all of this is the fact that not only am I getting a GREAT tan!! I am also getting one heck of a workout! I’m wore out and sore by the end of the day from all of the pulling, pushing, squatting and moving that I’m doing. Plus, I’m doing it for longer than I would anything else and able to push past my mental barriers because it doesn’t feel like work, and once I’m started I can’t just stop in the middle, I have to finish! I’m thoroughly enjoying this, and I hope I can keep it up all spring and summer.




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