Here I Go Again!

Sorry I haven’t been around. My computer died, I had to wait for Kyle to order the part and fix it for me. Which if I haven’t already said before, my husband is a horrible procrastinator! So I’ve been without a computer for what seems like forever.

There’s not really anything to update, sadly I’ve been pretty boring lately. I’ve also fallen off the wagon. That’s not something I’m proud of but it happens. I’m slowly trying to get back on track, starting with making meals at home again. I went on a bit of a fast food bender… Luckily I have been balancing it out with getting up and moving so I don’t think I’ve gained too much back, I haven’t stepped on the scale lately either. I will be taking a break from this post and doing that here soon. And it’s firmly at 285, which is better than the 288 it was the last time I stepped on it but I could have done a lot better. All I can do is start today¬†and try to do better from now on.

Other than that I have been doing a LOT of yard work for this house, as the first spring/summer here I want to make sure that I make it nice. I really want to make this house a home, not just a place to stay. I never did that in my apartment and my family never really did that in our house before. But I’m determined to make it a place I’m happy to be in and want to invite people over to see. Although, I will say that yard work has been one heck of a workout! I can barely move the next day from my muscles being sore, and there is something to do almost every day so I never get the chance to say I’m bored. It’s really coming along nicely, I have a lot of work to do still but on the bright side I’m getting a nice tan, and a good workout. Trust me I have the blisters to prove I’m working hard haha.

Well that’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have some good weight loss news to share soon. And I wont be waiting almost two months for the next post! I have the computer back and it’s not so cold that I can’t sit in the basement if I needed.




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